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26 Aug 2016
Last May, Pig Iron celebrated 20 years of existence with a weekend chock-full of parties and performances. Here's a list of the events we held to commemorate two decades of exuberant and unusual performance-making. READ MORE »
25 Jul 2016
Pig Iron Seeks Singers/Performers for TIMESCALES: A Performance Installation Pig Iron Theatre Company is looking for senior citizens (ages 70 and older) and children (ages 9-12) to appear in TIMESCALES, a performance installation, with singing, at the University of Pennsylvania on October 21 and October 22, 2016. TIMESCALES will be part of Pig Iron’s development process for A Period of... READ MORE »
02 Jun 2016
Pig Iron has embarked on a new chapter of work focusing on collaborations with composers and musicians. We’ve just wrapped up a week of performance research with choristers from The Crossing, musicians from the new Arcana ensemble, and Sweden’s Teater Slava. We’re digging into a new collaboration with composer Troy Herion and designer Mimi Lien entitled A Period of Animate... READ MORE »
31 May 2016
This past weekend, we won a coveted award: The Wow Priset (translation: “wow prize!”). Pictured here in its place of honor in our offices on North 2nd Street, the Wow Priset was hand-carved by Teater Slava’s Daniel Rudholm from a single piece of byörk (Translation: birch). According to the Swedish prize committee, the statuette represents Teater Slava’s feeling of “wow”... READ MORE »
25 May 2016 in Shut Eye
Looking back on it, I sort of can’t believe it happened. Joe Chaikin was one of our heros, and his book Presence of the Actor was a kind of bible for me. His experimental group The Open Theater (1963-73) was one of the templates for Pig Iron. And somehow, we lured Joe out of retirement in the year 2000 to... READ MORE »