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Back in 1995, we started this company with THE ODYSSEY and followed up many other productions including POET IN NEW YORK (1997), CAFETERIA (1997), the original GENTLEMEN VOLUNTEERS (1998), and still more in the early-mid 2000s like MISSION TO MERCURY (2000), SHUTEYE (2001), HELL MEETS HENRY HALFWAY (2004), PAY UP (2005), CHEKHOV LIZARDBRAIN (2007). Since 2010, you've allowed us to bring you other genre bending productions like TWELFTH NIGHT (2011), ZERO COST HOUSE (2012), and the site-specific 99 BREAKUPS (2014). 

Most recently your support meant we could afford sequins and disco balls for the gay sci-fi extravaganza I PROMISED MYSELF TO LIVE FASTER, decode top secret transmissions from the swamp with Dr. Dog in SWAMP IS ON, and reach a whole new audience of music and spectacle lovers.

You've made it so the New York Times can say with accuracy that the company "is one of the few groups successfully taking theatre in new directions.” 

These are just a few of our highlights from the last twenty-one years. 

And there is more to come. Your gift makes an enormous difference.

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