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30 Aug 2021
  • A masked woman sits on a cot looking off stage, while on the other side of a stage another masked woman with a headscarf looks in a different direction
Pig Iron is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the radio version of Why Are You Killing Yourself? by writer and director Zaina Dana, Assistant Director of Love Unpunished , on Zoom on September 13, 2021 . We will follow up with a discussion with some of the artists who worked on Zaina’s piece and some of the... READ MORE »
09 Jun 2021
You are invited to the Open Beta of FRANKLIN’S SECRET CITY: A smartphone App-Adventure for two players aged 10-100 June 8-September 22, 2021 You and your partner are the newest recruits to The New Promethean Society , a secret society created to protect some of Benjamin Franklin’s more clandestine - and dangerous - discoveries. Your task: check out some odd... READ MORE »
18 Mar 2021 in Love Unpunished
  • An image of a person walking down a flight of stairs.
Pig Iron Theatre Company is looking to cast four performers for our upcoming movement-theater production of LOVE UNPUNISHED. Experience in physical theater and devising, or in contemporary dance, are a plus. Performer-creator must be comfortable improvising – both scenes and movement. Performers can be of any race and any gender. The ages to be played on stage range from 25... READ MORE »
20 Jun 2020
  • A photograph of a toy deer and a wooden toy house.
Zero Cost House (for Zoom) By Toshiki Okada Translated by Aya Ogawa Directed by Dan Rothenberg June 26-27 & July 2-3 7:30PM (EDT) on Zoom The performance is 2 hours long, with a 5 minute intermission. Pay what you wish, $1-$99. All ticket proceeds will be donated to Mill Creek Urban Farm and Morris Home . Learn more about these... READ MORE »
19 Jun 2020
  • Black Lives Matter
June 2020 Like so many of you, we are horrified by police actions across our country this month and the continued injustice and violence we are seeing against black and brown Americans. Here in Philadelphia, we mourn the loss of Philadelphia's own Dominique "Rem'mie" Fells. We at Pig Iron stand in solidarity with Black artists and all BIPOC and we... READ MORE »